⚡️AW 3.0 Zero-Emission Washingunit ♻️

Introducing our latest innovation, the “AW Wash and Suck Unit 3.0,” representing the third generation of our zero-emission washing units. This advanced equipment not only empties and cleans both underground and aboveground containers but also efficiently extracts water and waste from pits.

The AW Washing Unit 3.0 streamlines all operations into one machine, enhancing efficiency through integrated full-message systems. This not only reduces costs but also minimizes environmental impact.

At AW, we pride ourselves on offering solutions beyond the ordinary. We provide the flexibility to create customized kits, such as a wash unit combined with a crane hook vehicle. With consultation, the array of possibilities is extensive!

For those seeking temporary solutions, our washing units are available for rent. Contact Pascal, and he will gladly assist you in scheduling your rental.

AW Machinery holds multiple Dutch and European patents for our cutting-edge washing unit technology. We are committed to advancing sustainability and environmental responsibility


During the evaluation after the delivery of the washing unit, René and Camille from the municipality of Breda were asked about their impressions of the new washing unit. Their feedback was highly positive! They had seen the washing unit in operation for the first time at Waardlanden, and it seemed to be a suitable machine for the municipality of Breda as well. Their interaction with AW went smoothly; they were consistently assisted promptly and courteously. The delivery of the washing unit was flawless, accompanied by clear instructions and a useful and pleasant training day for the drivers. The washing unit is working very well. There were a few minor points for improvement, but these were effectively discussed during the evaluation. Their input was attentively listened to, and it was beneficial to have someone with a technical background present. Overall, very satisfied.

AW has been providing support to the Municipality of Almere for many years by supplying rental vehicles to meet their needs. The municipality also utilizes various AW attachments, and for the past three years, they have been using the AW Washing Unit for the cleaning of containers and pits. According to Arthur Hoek, the fleet manager, working with AW is pleasant, and they consistently fulfill their commitments. AW Materieel undertook the revision of a Geesink GCP from the Municipality of Almere. Arthur mentioned, "Given AW's experience and expertise, we initially had the first revision carried out on a cost-plus basis. Subsequently, they were entrusted with the revision of all our GCPs. Our underground containers are also emptied using AW attachments. These blocks are versatile, easy to use, and have low maintenance costs

It's always pleasant to receive positive feedback from your business partners, like this one from Toon Schellekens of CURE on Linkedin: "Since we started using AW Machinery's AW-3P attachments, we have noticed that our (maintenance) costs have significantly decreased, as we experience considerably fewer damages to both underground containers and the attachments. In the beginning, it took some time for the drivers to get used to a different way of 'hooking up,' but now they also appreciate the benefits and user-friendliness"