Special projects

AW Machinery is your premier partner in providing the right solution, designing and building special projects. Together with you and our team, our draughtsman and design engineer will custom-design and develop a solution for your needs, and our team of builders in our specialist workshop will build your machine as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Specially designed garbage / wash truck

This garbage truck is able to pick up semi-automaticly, huge (7 kubic), leak free underground containers.

AW Machinery wasunit
AW Machinery schuifkist

Attachment box

A customer asked us to create a possibility to take an extra attachment (a heavy gripper) with him on the truck. We built a box where the gripper fits in. The attachments can be changed, while the container is still on the truck.

Container elevator

To create the possibility to use underground containers on spots in the city where garbage trucks are not able to reach and empty them, in narrow Streets for example, several municipalities placed our underground elevators.

AW Machinery putlift
AW Machinery putlift


One of our special projects for a customer involved developing a truck-mounted generator drive that is driven by the truck’s PTO. The generator heats and pumps a two-component liquid through hoses to help strengthen the ground beneath subsided foundations.

AW Machinery generator

Support legs

For our crane vehicles, we developed steady support legs, who are very easy to use. The price-quality balance is also very good. Nowadays, Hiab uses our support legs in their factory to build on their crane vehicles.

AW Machinery steunpoten
AW Machinery steunpoten
AW Machinery steunpoten
AW Machinery trechter-opgebouwd

Hopper on waste container

For VDL Translift, we developed and built a hopper for their waste container.