Specialised in sustainable mobile solutions for the waste and cleaning sector!

At AW Machinery, we develop and build innovative, (electric) washing machines for the waste-cleaning market. Examples include different types of washing equipment, for inside/outside (bins/upper-undergound container) cleaning, combi attachments, well elevators, suction units and much more.

Specially developed and built for the waste and cleaning sector

Our designs are characterised by quality, sustainability and simplicity. We look at every facet of the project or vehicle and prioritise efficiency for the user. We take into account accessibility, ease of maintenance and attractive design with every technical solution.

One of our products is the wash and suck unit. A surprising new concept for the effective (electric) emptying and complete cleaning of underground containers, even down to the smallest corners. Our European patent covers the main construction and the locations of the various components. In addition, we build various other machines; including container lifts, pick up tools and washing installations.

Our services

AW is a versatile company, specialising in sustainable mobile solutions for the waste and cleaning sector. As an innovative player on the market, we focus on powerful and practical products and services: units, machines or parts that fulfill what they are meant for. User-friendly, of good quality and of course as efficient as possible. We follow trends and developments closely, look to the future and attach great importance to sustainability. We do not only add this to our products and services, but also to our way of working. If you opt for AW, you will get what you need and more!

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