(Combi) Attachments

Creating new possibilities with our next generation attachment solutions AW Combined Attachments

As an innovative creator and builder of different types of waste management machines, we know how difficult it can be to collect waste efficiently if there are several types of underground containers in one route. Therefore, we developed and build combined attachments to be able to collect different underground containers without changing the attachment tool. Our AW combi attachments create a time saving and pleasurable way of working for the driver, the surrounding and the environment. There are several possibilities for combining 2 hook, 3 hook, mushroom and metro (1 hook).

Allard van Essen
AW Machinery AW-3P

We are always up for the challenge of finding a creative solution for your needs.

Technical specifications


AWC-3 / AWC-5

AW Machinery AWC-5M



Metro pick-up adapter

AW Machinery Combi Blok AWC-3M

Additional options / features